Inspired Days

Tuesday 7th March 2017

Early morning blossom unfolds in its salutation to the sun,
Though the wind chill remains the light is warm.
Greeting the bright days with early morning rising
And I, beside you, whisper of the fruits in the days to come.
The sharp-sweet burst of raspberries on my tongue.
Strawberries dipped in sugar crystals, laid across your lips.
The sticky-sweet juice of nectarines dripping between our fingers as we laugh.
Promises for a future bathed in sunshine.



Friday 24th March 2017

Wait, and be stronger for the waiting.

Lose, but do not despair for having lost.

Love, and be stronger for the loving.

Try, and flowers will follow the frost.



Saturday 22nd June 2017

Trying not to smile
too widely as I am
coloured in. Awash
with blue/green/
No grey, we all shine.
United, in common
purpose, we are all
on this walk together.

(This was written after I attended #newcastlepride2017 weekend)


Saturday 29th July 2017

Would you kiss me if I
could find the right words
to tell you that all I want
is a taste of you? Every
time we meet you linger
in my thoughts with all I
learn from your actions
and words that follow
sweet smiles or sincere
glances. You look at me
and I am connected, so
much so that I struggle
to look back at you as I
would struggle to look at
the sun. Overwhelmed,
perhaps shy, but wanting
You to look at me until
one day I can look back
at you, openly, and you will
see every want that makes
me empty and whole at once.
Do you want these words?


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