Comic Books

As a kid and a teenager I was never into comic books.

It wasn’t until I was at university that I bought my first comic book.

It wasn’t entirely on a whim because I’d looked at it in the bookshop about five times beforehand (As much as I love to look, I tend to consider what I’m buying very carefully because I have limited space on my bookshelves).

I was already a bit of a fan of Deadpool. I like anti-heroes because they’re complex characters and they’re motivations are interesting. Previously, I’d read things online and I was drawn to the Marvel Universe because of what I already knew, but I’d never read a complete storyline before.

For my first comic, it was probably about 3-4 years ago when I bought ‘Deadpool Volume 5: Wedding of Deadpool’ – I went back and bought the first four later – and I remember reading the whole story the day that I bought it. I liked the style of the artwork and the story was funny with an interesting plot. It wasn’t difficult to read at all (even though I was missing some plot details from the earlier editions) and I was 100% right about being interested in the character of Deadpool.

The Wedding of Deadpool (2)

Now, I can name a lot more of the characters on the cover than when I first bought it but that wasn’t intentional. I simply bought the comic because it was the most interesting book I’d seen at the time.

I ended up buying all of the Deadpool comics in that particular series. Buying them all was interesting because I’d caught up before the final edition of the series was released and I was genuinely excited to read the finale of the story arc. It was the same sort of feeling to waiting for a new novel to be released by a favourite author but I knew that I’d finish the comic quickly. Reading a comic for the first time is a fleeting experience but knowing that didn’t really change my excitement in waiting for ‘Deadpool Volume 8: All Good Things’. I just had to make the most of that first read-through.

The majority of comics that I now own feature Deadpool but ‘Hawkeye – Volume 1: My Life As A Weapon’ was a birthday present that I was thrilled with. I love how crazy things just seem to happen around Clint Barton and there was a lot of drama as well as action packed in. I liked the pace of the Hawkeye comic that kept me flipping the pages without pause.

Hawkeye Volume 1 My Life As A Weapon












After this, I felt lucky when I found the comic Hawkeye VS Deadpool because it was definitely a combination of two of my Marvel characters in a storyline that was just so very them. It was complete chaos, of course, but it was a brilliant collaboration at the same time.

Hawkeye VS Deadpool

Branching out after my first few Deadpool comics was varied and I really didn’t have a research process or anything when I was deciding what was going to come home with me.

When it came to the ‘Loki: Agent of Asgard’ trilogy I just knew I had to have it after picking up the first one as I was browsing the shelf. I wanted to know the story, how Loki had reached the point that he was at and why, from the very first page as I glanced in it while I was in the shop.

Any details I didn’t know from other series that impacted on Loki’s story I just had to pick up from what I was reading in that particular short comic series. Like Deadpool, I find Loki an interesting character. With his many incarnations and complicated story lines he’s a character with a lot of depth. I like the amount of conflict packed into the pages where he’s featured.

Loki Agent of Asgard

The last comic I bought was ‘The Unbelievable Gwenpool Volume 1: Believe It’ which was a bit different despite it’s definite Marvel vibe but, I suppose that’s to be expected when characters are crossing dimensional boundaries. This comic was quite the wild ride. I must admit that I liked the parts featuring Dr Stephen Strange who I’m used to popping in and out of stories that I’ve read, since that I’ve not read any comics strictly centred around him yet.

The unbelievable gwenpool

I do admit that I’m partial to the Marvel Universe whereas my sister is more likely to buy D.C. Comics. She likes the Harley Quinn comics and temporary swapping between us isn’t out of the question because we’re not totally opposed to the other franchise but it doesn’t happen a lot. Really, we’re more likely to chat about them than read them separately.

I try to restrain myself when buying comics because I really, really do not have the space for a lot of them but there are still editions that I want. ‘Deadpool: Dracula’s gauntlet’ is definitely one of them because I’d love to get the full story of how he met Shiklah in the first place. ‘Star Wars: Poe Dameron Volume 1 Black Squadron is another which would be my first Star Wars comic.

A small section of my bookshelf. Little Lego Deadpool was a gift from my best friend 🙂




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