More than one way to tell a story.

There are a lot of different ways to tell a story.

If you’re lucky to have a talent then your creativity needn’t be limited to just one format. Personally, I might love the written word but I’ve spent more time lately crafting cards (a hobby shared by my mother and my sister so it’s nice for us to craft together), I’ve got a box frame just waiting to be painted and I like to cross-stitch.

A lot of the people I know have several creative pursuits other than writing – one friend began to learn how to knit which is a skill I haven’t managed to get the hang of, another friend crochets and I have a friend who does some beautiful glass engraving (You can see some of her work on her own blog here

I like to throw myself into projects and there are a lot of creative ways to channel that impulse but, sometimes, I don’t set out with the idea of ‘I’m going to create this’. Sometimes, like last Friday, I can be sat in front of the television and I will just start doodling in the margins of a page with my pen. Then, a story might emerge and I might do something with it or I might share it or I leave the idea to stew for a bit (It’s the ideas that have been stewing for years where I need to turn up the heat).

Kieran, Jeff, Bob and Hattie are drawn at the side. Kieran is also watching Bob’s kite fly away.














I love stories and it doesn’t take a lengthy novel for a narrative to be worth telling.

I think that art is a great medium for storytelling, particularly because it is so incredibly varied.

Shortly after I started university my sister recommended a particular webcomic to me. It was more her sort of thing than mine but I started reading it and I found it funny, then interesting and I suppose that it didn’t really take me to long to get a little bit hooked. For a weekly four-panel piece of art and short speech the story that began to unfold was, though I didn’t realise it at first, exactly what I needed and wanted to be reading at the time.

I like the overall story but I also have my favourite sections. One of these is Chapter 12. It’s almost a side-story, a tale which one of the main character’s Lillian tells to her roommates, Roomie, Richard and Ramona.

Lillian tells the story of the ‘Knight in Furs’ and the artwork alone is completely gorgeous. The story begins at the start of Chapter 12 and if you’d like to merely read through from there then I think that is great. The characters have a little break during the story so, if you’d just like to read the ‘Knight in Furs’ story then you should read from the first link to the page titled The Voice Echoed  before picking up the story again here at Light The Way and finishing with The Beginning. I promise that the story is worth reading and it’s such a beautiful format.

The character Lillian states that it’s a story she read with a few twists of her own and that comic led me to reading the original story myself.

The original story The Knight in Rusty Armour by Robert Fisher can be read, totally for free and it’s a light-hearted story that contains some pretty deep-meaning truths. The tale itself is rather charming for a short story and I love it for its honesty.

I’m making this recommendation today for a few reasons.

Firstly, this month is #pridemonth and GGAR is the first inclusive, LGBT+ webcomic that I personally fell in love with.

Secondly, I was going through my documents on the computer and found the PDF for The Knight in Rusty Armour which, I believe, I have saved to most of my electronic devices.

I hope, if you’re compelled to read Chloé C’s artistic version or Robert Fisher’s story that you enjoy them or that you at least find them interesting.


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  1. Thank you for the mention in this fantastic blog post! I couldn’t agree with you more. There is more than one way to tell a story and having other creative hobbies can spark imagination for your other creative interest(s). I always enjoy reading your posts so, thank you. 🙂


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