…Worth a thousand words

We were pretty lucky with the weather today. It was dry, bright and warm.

So, I borrowed a camera and went outside.

I’m no professional photographer by any means but I think that spring is a great time to take photographs.

First rose in the garden. 24/05/2017

There’s a small green space in front of the house with two big trees and I liked the way that the light was coming through the branches.




As soon as you step outside of the door you can smell the clematis that grows along the fences of our neighbours’ gardens. It’s almost a sweet, honey-like smell.



IMG_1343 (2)

My next-door neighbour has some lovely potted plants including aquilegia, also known as ‘grannies bonnet’.

IMG_1344 (2)

We also have aquilegia in our garden but in different colours.

IMG_1350 (2)


As well as the two big trees that have been in front of our house since before I was born, there is another younger horse chestnut tree and I love the pattern on the leaves.


There are a lot of daises.


After spending some time outside in the front garden I had a look in the back and managed to photograph what I think is a young great tit bird who wasn’t co-operative enough to let me capture much more than it’s head or tail.

IMG_1355 (2)

It was really nice to do something a little bit different today and to spend some time outside.

A picture is worth a thousand words


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