Mental Health Awareness Week

Quiet Minds

Good days are hours, minutes, seconds
of smiles which can be fleeting like the
bubbles in a glass that never pop twice.
If a smile should last longer then it is to
be seen, treasured for it’s honesty and
loved for it’s existence. Is a rare smile
more sincere than it’s frequent cousin?

Moments can only be moments when
time is assigned meaning and our hearts
are mapped only in chronological order.
A path is only the right road if you are
aiming for the end of a journey so why
should the wanderers, the path makers
and finders, be afraid of being lost?

Bad days are like weeks, months, years
while you kick and push to keep your
head above the water which is made up
of inky black shadows that are opposed
to you and what you do not understand.
Can you be alone when the shadows
are clouding your eyes and calling?

Waiting, always, is change for the good
or the bad as we try to find our feet. To
step on or off the road as we will. The
sound of an endless ocean, swept along
with the breeze and the salt-slick water
nibbling at bare toes below lush grass
that tickles, and seeks a rare smile.

This week is #mentalhealthawarenessweek
Whatever you feel and whatever you’re doing, please try to stay safe.


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