Talking about publishing

Yesterday afternoon I attended a seminar about careers in publishing at the University of Sunderland.

I graduated from this university last summer with First Class Honours in English and Creative Writing. I loved my third year there and thanks to the connections I made in my third year with the people around me I now have opportunities like attending talks such as the one from yesterday.

The speaker Neil Morrison who works for Penguin Random House was there on behalf of The Publishers Association and what was really interesting was how the focus of the talk was about the current publishing industry and the admittance that the industry is changing rapidly. There was a constant, mostly unspoken, undercurrent of ‘see the potential in what could be next’.

Thanks to my experience with Spectral Visions Press while I was at university I developed much more of an interest in how the publishing world works. The majority of my experience was related to the editorial side of the production.

I knew bits and pieces about what else was involved in the creation of a book but Neil made it clear just how new some of the roles are. For example, due to rapid changes in technology promotional methods have changed and are still currently adapting.

I liked being at the talk, it was interesting and the Q&A session afterwards was very informative as questions came from the perspectives of writers and aspiring publishers.


As for other news, I’ve started reading Shatter, the second book in the Unbreakable Bonds series, by Rinda Eliott and Jocelynn Drake (like I promised 🙂 ) I’ve not read a lot of it yet but wow, that opening was eventful.

My internship finishes this week. Eight weeks is really not a long time and I liked where I was working but I knew from the beginning that, unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be a permanent position. I’m not sure what’s going to be next but I’m excited to find out. I learned a lot where I was and I hope that it will lead on to good things.

Most of the poems for February have now been typed up and put on the February 2017 page which you can find via the ‘Poetry’ option on the menu, but I’ve not quite finished yet. I’m working on it. As for my first guest blog, well unfortunately I wasn’t able to post it in February like I’d originally planned but I’m still looking forward to posting the first one soon.


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