So many books, so little time

On Monday I took everything off my bookshelves and reorganised the lot.

It can be pretty intimidating when you have years’ worth of books and you don’t want to get rid of any. It certainly didn’t help that it has been quite a while since I’ve been through them all. It’s very rare that I remove any books from my collection for donation – although, after sorting through, there are a few that I will probably box up and place somewhere safe in the New Year – and I adore owning physical copies of the books I love so there are more than a few stories on my shelves. Luckily I had help in sorting them by author and, even though I surprisingly ran out of room for some CD’s, mostly everything ended up back on the bookcase.

What was really surprising were the amount of books I owned that I’d not read before. There were a lot more than I expected and it actually made me feel a little bit guilty to see them (am I supposed to feel like I neglected them???). Some were lone books but, more than a couple belonged to series and the trouble is that I just keep buying them. Of course, as it is December, we have a lax rule in our house stating that we’re not allowed to buy ourselves anything just in case someone else decides to buy it as a Christmas present (this really tends to work as we don’t always do our Christmas shopping at the same time as each other) so I’m avoiding the bookstores on behalf of myself (If you see me in there I am just browsing and planning for the New Year, I promise).

There are a couple of books on my shelves that complete series I’ve been reading for years and I still haven’t read them which is probably the worst (although I’m definitely not complaining about the thought of re-reading Chris D’Lacy’s ‘The Last Dragon Chronicles’ from the beginning in order to read the final book as it is a personal favourite of mine and has been for years). Despite this, I think that I’m going to begin with The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris.

To be honest, I have actually read most of this book already. It was a Christmas present from my parents two years ago and I read Part’s 1 and 2 quickly but, for some reason I can’t remember, real life distracted me and I put the book down. I haven’t picked it up since then to read Part 3 but I’ve been looking at Runemarks lately by the same author and it looks so good but, before I succumb to the urge to buy it, I’m determined to finish The Gospel of Loki as I remember loving the rest of the book.

Yet, before I pick up The Gospel of Loki, I have to mention my eBooks. I don’t tend to feel as guilty about neglecting my kindle which is a little bit strange because I have no objection to downloading stories or reading them in an electronic format but, there are a couple of stories I haven’t had time to get to (like a lot of people I tend to use my kindle more when I am travelling and I haven’t been far from home lately).

However, Ally Carter has released a new short story set at Christmas and I am so incredibly excited to read it. The story is called The Grift of the Magi and it belongs to the ‘Heist Society’ series which I have adored from the very first page. I’ve not had time to download it yet but today is the day and I can’t imagine putting it down until I’ve finished reading every single page (this happened with every other book in the series).

So, I guess that I’d better get started on catching up so that I can feel blissfully guilt-free early in the New Year as I buy the final book in Ally Carter’s ‘Embassy Row’ series: Take The Key and Lock Her Up.


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