Introducing Original Characters

When I began my first year at Sunderland University in 2013 I was lucky enough to become friends with an amazing group of people. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to make those friendships and my friends are both wonderful and creative.

I mentioned one of those friends in my last post: Danielle Shaw. I was happy to work with Danielle as editors and project managers for Spectral Visions Press but, before our foray into the world of publishing, Danielle and I began a much different project together.

It was a small, personal challenge for both of us during our first few months at university but it was a lot of fun as we created a paranormal/ supernatural world wherein the mythic was simply an everyday occurance. We wrote short stories and snippets about a small town with all kinds of legends from kitsunes to sirens to demi-gods. Researching new and exotic myths and legends and creatures was part of the excitement. Nothing was off limits.

Lately I’ve been thinking, in particular, about two of my characters which were first created during this private project. Gregory and Wesley were two of my favourites and I’ve come back to them more than once I must admit. Last year I wrote about them again but that time I submitted that particular part of their story as an assignment for my Gender Fiction class (I was quite happy with the grade I received). Writing about them standing up for their relationship felt very right at the time and as I dwelled on that particular short story other characters appeared during the process and there were hints of a larger tale. So far, I haven’t made much progress on telling their whole story due to many different reasons but, when I do come face to face with these characters I feel like the story will be ready when I am.

So, a proper introduction may be in order right now.

Gregory O’Connell is a successful writer who has spent the last decade writing a popular fantasy series about a fictional race called ‘humans’. He has lived as a vampire for 105 years and he was 32 when he first caught the disease from an older vampire called Victor that changed his physiology. Gregory has spent most of his life travelling the world and writing.

Wesley Sinclair is a local policeman in his hometown. He comes from a big family – five brothers and three sisters – and an even bigger Pack so he is acquainted with everyone in town. His family have lived in the area for over fifteen generations and they take a lot of pride in their community. He was born a werewolf and is not the only member of his family who works for the police as his oldest brother, Anthony, is a chief police officer. Gregory and Wesley are head over heels for one another.

This year I can’t help imaging what their first Christmas – or winter holiday celebration – must’ve been like:

A vampire and a werewolf sitting down together for Christmas lunch?

Even with that sentence to work from I can’t stop myself from imagining the possibilities.

So, that’s currently what I am working on. A short Christmas story about Gregory and Wesley spending their first holiday as a couple together.

Hopefully I will be happy enough to post ‘A Lot Like Christmas…’ within the first couple of weeks of December.


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