One year ago…

One year ago today I began working on the Spectral Visions Press Tarot Collection – an anthology combining art and poetry to showcase creative talent.

Personally, I love project work. It’s satisfying to focus my attention on a project and see a final product in the end. Of course, it helped that there were so many people who were excited about the book’s publication.

On the 16th November 2015 I was involved in a meeting with members of Spectral Visions Press: Dr Alison Younger and Colin Younger who had offered me the chance to take control of the writing side of the project. With my co-project manager Danielle Shaw we began to immediately gather interest from authors in that meeting and we wasted no time.

We drafted our first email to contact interested writers as we sat on the train and made our way home from university that night. The project was our responsibility from that first meeting and we are incredibly proud of everyone’s efforts later in the process but, in the beginning it was up to me, Danielle and Google mail.

First deadlines may not be the same as final deadlines but we drafted goals during the meeting and we had beautiful art work by Katie Loyd to work with. The productive meeting set the bar and we made every effort so that the book lived up to expectations.

After such an interesting year that included graduation with a BA degree from Sunderland University as well as publishing a book, the experience was a valuable one. I learned new skills, as I’d never done typesetting for a book before, and the project required me to adopt a different role during every stage of the process. My public speaking skills were also tested and developed as I worked to promote the project.

No project ever runs completely smoothly but thanks to a team of people who have all now successfully graduated from Sunderland University and Danielle Shaw we produced a book that we can all be proud of. We were lucky to have support from Spectral Visions Press, fellow students, staff members from the university and writers from across the world who reached out to us and expressed their interest in our anthology, as well as Dr Ruth Heholt who wrote the foreword for our book.

When the book was first published in September 2016 I wrote a blog post which was featured on the Spectral Visions Blog and can be found here: Introducing The Spectral Visions Press Tarot Collection

Like a few of the people involved in producing the book I also wrote a poem for the collection: Number 16 – The Tower. In that meeting, a year ago, the first images were chosen for the authors who showed immediate interest in contributing a piece of writing to the anthology and The Tower was my first choice. Many of the images were appealing but The Tower is a card signalling change and the falling fortress sparked an idea of a poem that was also visually staggered and broken apart just like the image.




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